Stay out of the No Zone

Trucks No Zone

We have all seen the signs- the No Zone signs, that is. What does it really mean? Lets take some time and talk about it and what it really means. Trucks may not see you You see them driving down the road every day. They are tall, long and heavy.  Yes, we are talking about 18 wheelers.  Most people think … Read More

Distracted Driving

When I started driving a truck 25 years ago, we did not have things like cell phones or even computers.  If we wanted to talk on the phone, we would stop the truck at a truck stop, go and get a fresh cup of coffee and sit at a payphone and call whomever we needed to talk to. In fact, … Read More

Winter Driving

Winter driving can be the most dangerous driving conditions you may come across.  You may start driving in clear, dry conditions and in a matter of hours you could be in Freezing Rain or Snow Showers.  If you are not prepared for the drastic change you could be in trouble.  In this article I am going to outline some of … Read More

Break Time

As all drivers know and non-drivers may not know, the Federal DOT requires that every commercial driver stop for no less then 10 hours after driving for 11 hours within a 14 hour period. Then on top of that you can not work for more then 70 hours within a 7 day period.  That is not what this article is … Read More